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An eastern paradise of untold riches.

IMG_7140Burma is one of those countries which seem to have been favoured by nature. Its soil is rich, producing rice and other food crops in abundance. There are vast forests containing a large variety of trees from which valuable timber is extracted. The ground yields petroleum and many minerals and precious stones including rubies, sapphires and jade. The rivers and streams are full of fish; and from the sea along Burma’s coastline come not just seafood but some of the world’s loveliest pearls. It is therefore not surprising that

Burma has been described as a golden land, an eastern paradise of untold riches. But of course, no country on earth is a real paradise and, for all its natural wealth, Burma is not among the rich nations of the world today. It is nevertheless an extremely beautiful country peopled by many different races. It is from the Burmese people, who form the biggest racial group, that the name of the country is derived.

From “Freedom from Fear” of Aung San Suu Kyi (Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize)

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Myanmar : formally known as Burma, remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world and we welcome you to the golden land of pagodas, breathtaking natural beauties with friendly people of different ethnics. Myanmar has been forgotten and closed its door in self-isolation and now it reopens to the outside world, revealing its unique, unspoiled culture and beautiful natures to the visitors. Myanmar has something to offer at all times of the year with a wide diversities of anthropology composed with many ethnic groups, different topography or terrain that ranges from snow-capped mountains in the north, to the pagodas studded plains in the center, beautiful white sand beaches along the western coast and virgin islands in the south to be explored and discovered.

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